Visa Wearable Payment

Contactless is hot right now but how will wearable payment interactions look like in five years time?

 It is seldom that people feel an emotional connection to a bank card. The three CSM concepts – Budgeteer, Small Change and Thread are emotional, useful and social tech payments that explore wearable tech experiences, payment issues of concern, they express personal identity and provide small everyday pleasures.

“These designs emphasise different aspects and values,” Rhodes told Wareable ahead of the unveiling. “Those values are: How good is this as a utility to me? How expressive is it for me or symbolically what is it saying about me as an object? What sort of pleasures is it providing in its use? There is a very strong conceptual, sociological link between the body, identity, security, payment and value.”

Designers: Marta MongeMaxime MoreauxGareth Ladley, Marina Mellado and Bronka de Sage. Creative Director: Silas Grant, Programme Director : Nick Rhodes