How do you reduce waterborne infection in hospitals and keep showerheads from being discarded every 3 months?

Medi-Shower™ is a patented new anti-microbial and water-saving shower head and hose from multi-award-winning manufacturer Multishower GB Ltd. Winner of best infection prevention product at the UK Better Healthcare awards 2014 and best technology product from the Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland.


Replaceable Pulsing Nozzle

The nozzle is designed to build up water pressure within the expansion chamber which pulses water at 30-40 times per second. Also Inserts can be replaced in seconds, saving many man hours in maintenance and cleaning. 

Minimal Parts

Typical showerheads can have upwards of 20 parts. Each part increases the buildup of lime-scale and bacteria. In comparative tests with a typical showerhead the concentration of lime-scale buildup was 238 less with medi-shower. In tests with Queens University in Belfast they found there was 13.5 times less bacteria with a medi-shower unit than a typical shower handle.